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What you MUST See + Do in Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki has a super relaxed vibe, and the pace of the city is quiet slow compared to surrounding cities in nearby countries. It is totally okay if you all of a sudden feel super un-cool when you arrive, welcome to the home of design and uber cool fashionistas!

The waterfront city sits on the edge of the Baltic Sea, and is super clean, fashionable and a very liveable city!

I am truly so excited to take you through what you MUST see and do in Helsinki!

Helsinki will take you back through time with it’s beautiful architecture, and pull you right back into the present with it’s innovative minimalist design.

Senate Square Helsinki, Finland

Senate Square Helsinki, Finland


Take a stroll through Senate Square and admire the gorgeous Lutheran Cathedral towering over the square. Take a peak inside the cathedral to experience and appreciate the beautiful neoclassical style of architecture!

You will also be in for a treat when you hear the church’s pipe organ play as you walk in! If you are in Helsinki during the Christmas season, you can roam the Christmas markets and find yourself a few traditional Finnish trinkets to take home and pop on your tree!

Senate Square Helsinki, Finland

Senate Square Helsinki, Finland

Temppeliaukion Church Helsinki, Finland

Temppeliaukion Church
Helsinki, Finland



Temppeliaukion Church is made out of natural bedrock and has AMAZING acoustics! Hop down to the Töölö district to see this beauty! Light a candle and soak up the peace and quiet.

Töölö is a trendy up and coming neighbourhood so definitely have a stroll through the streets and check out some cool shops and cafes!

Cafe Regatta, Helsinki

Cafe Regatta



Have lunch at Cafe Regatta looking out at a picturesque view of the sea. If you are going in peak season, get in early! This place can only seat a limited amount of people because it is a small cottage.

You will feel like you’re in a fairytale when you’re here, especially in the winter time! Cafe Regatta should make your list of priority attractions when visiting!

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki



So, this monument above is pretty artsy right? It is located right across from Cafe Regatta! Its called Sibelius Monument, and the 600 steel pipes welded together resemble organ pipes. This beautiful piece of art was created in honour of Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius.

If this doesn’t spark your creativity, I don’t know what will! Get artsy and take photos from different angles, and appreciate this gorgeous monument up close!

Design District, Helsinki

Design District, Helsinki


Calling out to all the designers out there! This one is for you! Get your design fix by exploring the design district. From fashion to interior design, homewares to jewellery, this is the heart minimalist design! The main area of the design district can be found in Dianapuisto Park. However, more design shops and galleries can be found in the Kaartinkaupunki,Ullanlinna, Kamppi, and even Punavuori areas.

Design District, Helsinki

Design District, Helsinki

The Ice Park, Helsinki

Ice Skating @ The Ice Park, Helsinki



If you’re not from a cold country like myself, (I’m from Australia) you might find the opportunity to go ice skating very appealing! I went skating at The Ice Park, on a chilly winters night! Rug up and get a hot chocolate afterwards! It is one of my fondest memories here!

Suomenlinna Island

Suomenlinna Island



Hope on a boat to Suomenlinna Island! It is a beautiful sea fortress that has photo opportunities each time you look in a new direction! You can also take a tour to learn about the history of the island.

snowman, helsinki

Build A Snowman


Build a snowman! Be a kid again and build a snowman!

Or if you grew up in Australia like myself, you probably never did this as a kid, so now’s your chance!

I hope you enjoyed the post guys! Let me know what you think in the comments section! Are you planning a trip to Finland? I would love to know any travel plans you guys have!



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