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How To: Style Denim – Overalls and Triple Denim

How To: Style Denim 

#1 – A Hat

Such a simple way to dress up some denim overalls, yet so effective. Don’t be shy to try a brown or pink hat to give the whole look a softer feel!

Denim and Hat

#2 – A Floral Crop

This is the fun part! Because denim is so versatile and simple, you can really have fun with a bold printed crop top or blouse to spruce up your outfit.

Denim overalls - Street Style

#3 – Choker and Sunglasses

Nothing says street style like a pair on sunnies and a choker, let’s face it!

Dark Denim Overalls

#4 – Rings, Rings + A Small Bag!

Michael Kors Bag

#5 – A funky pair of shoes.

I know most people aren’t a fan of socks and sandals.. but when your in Hipster heaven (aka Brunswick Street where this photo was taken) anything goes! Who every liked fashion rules anyway. I opted for a light hologram sandal to blend in with my overalls!

Denim Overalls

#6 – Triple Denim

YOU CAN DO IT! Triple Denim is my FAV! I usually go for the same light shade of denim for the top and the shorts, and then throw on a dark denim jacket and add some Pom Pom Earrings and Hair Buns! Have fun with it!

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