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The Grampians National Park – Victoria, Australia

Do not miss exploring the Grampians National Park when you’re in Victoria! You are almost guaranteed to find fields of kangaroos and drool over the amazing views of the Nation Park! Bring your hiking shoes!

This photo (above) was taken at “The Balconies” hike.

 “MacKenzie Falls” hike.

A beautiful waterfall perfect for dipping your feet in on a hot day! This hike is a medium fitness level hike, going down is easy, but going back up is the harder part! Regardless it is worth the hike, wear some comfy shoes with good grip, it gets slippery down there!

The Balconies - Grampains, Victoria , Australia

Balconies lookout. Grampians, Victoria , Australia-2

Grampains, Victoria , Australia - Raincoat

“The Balconies” hike.

This is a fairly easy hike, with rewarding views or rock formations that look like two balconies!

Pack a picnic on a non windy day and enjoy the views for the top of the rocks!

“Reeds Lookout” 

This vast lookout will have you absorbing the best views in the Grampians!

“Lake Bellfield” 

A perfect place to go for a swim (certain areas only, if you’re a strong swimmer) or to go fishing!

This picturesque lake is know for Red Fin Fish and beautiful wildlife!


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