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How To: Dress like a Parisian

Want to go to Paris and not stand out like an obvious tourist who doesn’t know how to dress like a Parisian? Maybe it’s always been on your bucket list to go to Paris, and you want to prepare your wardrobe for the occasion?

Whatever the reason is that you are reading this “How to dress like a Parisian” post, remember, no matter how hard you try to blend in via clothing, please oh PLEASE, speak to the locals in French FIRST!

Yep, no point dressing like you belong, then you open your mouth and blurt out “Hello”. If you don’t have time to learn French, just learn how to say Hello (Bonjour) and Do you speak English? (parlez vous anglais).

Many people know how to speak English in Paris, and will be happy to speak it to you, if you use your manners.

STEP #1 – Ditch The Sneakers

Leave your sneakers/runners at home. Especially in the Springtime, invest in a small heels or comfy wedges.

Eiffel Tower_Pink

Step #2 – Bring A Collared Shirt

Collared shirts are great for lunch and dinner. Not only will this statement piece make you blend in with those French ladies, you also won’t have to stress about getting changed at night to head out to dinner!

I would pick a white shirt, and a statement shirt like the pink one I’m wearing below from Zara. You can accessorise a plain shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt, pants or even dressy jeans if you are spending all day touring the city.

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Step #3 – Feminine Head + Neck Attire.

Don’t be afraid to throw on a head piece or classy straw hat with a patterned ribbon around it.


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Pink Bow Shirt

Step #4 – A Nice Bag

I’m obsessed with pink bags this season, also obsessed with a few designer bags I have my eye on! Walking past numerous Dior + Chanel stores in Paris will have you drooling! Here are a mix of designer + non designer pink handbags below.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with wearing Pink this season! It will be trending this summer in Paris!


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Pink Bow Shirt

Step #5 – Wedge Heels

Have you ever walked on cobblestones? Yes? Okay then you will agree that Europe isn’t the most ideal place to bring you stilettos!

I would invest in a statement pair of wedges, that are going to be easier on your ankles when you’re walking, and you will look fabulous and comfortable at the same time!

Now you know how to dress like a Parisian! Leave a comment below and tell me what outfit you have planned for Paris this year!

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  • Reply
    Rachel Holliday
    April 19, 2017 at 4:52 am

    Well you look tres tres beau mon aimee! I agree that there is something really Parisian about a collared shirt, I think it’s because it’s so effortless and timeless. I’m so glad you keep wearing pink as it looks fantastic on you!

    Another great phrase to learn in French is ‘Je n’ais comprends pas’ (I don’t understand). I’ve probably spelt that so wrong hahaha

    Rachel xx

  • Reply
    May 2, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Such a cute outfit lovely! Perfect look for Paris 🙂


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