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My Skincare Routine With Nivea

Welcome back to the blog guys! Today I am sharing with you my skincare routine with Nivea.

I am so busy during the week, that I prefer to use as little product as possible. At the same time, I still want to look after my skin! I use NIVEA creme for so many different things! I moisturize my legs after a shower or bath, use it for my hands when I’m on the go heading to meetings, even sometimes when I have dry lips! NIVEA is so versatile, and I love that one creme helps me solve any daily skin issues!

I also love to experiment with home made face masks! NIVEA works as a perfect base for any recipe I want to create. 

Let’s talk putting on make up. 

Have you ever used moisturizer as a primer? If you haven’t, you should really try using NIVEA as a base for your make up. It will ensure that your foundation goes on silky smooth, and you can even apply small streaks of NIVEA to your cheek bones before you put on your blush and highlighter!

Does anyone else hate taking off their water proof mascara at the end of the day? I sure do! My secret tip is to get a baby wipe with some NIVEA creme on it, and gently rub in a circular motion until it all comes off!

Does anyone else have a super busy schedule and need a product as versatile as this one? Let me know in the comments below!

This article was sponsored by NIVEA, however I have been a long time user of NIVEA prior to this article.




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