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Santorini: Bucket List Guide

Santorini: The Ultimate Bucket List Guide

Santorini is the most picturesque greek island. So, get ready to feast your eyes on Santorini’s jaw dropping scenery and experience both the romantic + adventure filled sides of this stunning greek island! Oh, did I mention to bring comfy heels girls? Get ready to climb these scenic cliffs! Yes, you will need to climb staircase after staircase.. even to get to your dinner reservation.

#1 Go cathedral hunting.

Inevitably you will see the famous blue churches of Oia. However, if you walk a little further to the outskirts of the town, you will find beautiful churches that are just as beautiful but are never photographed. I personally found a beautiful pink and blue church, and a light blue and yellow church that sat at the very end of the island overlooking the water, with not a soul in sight. You won’t regret going for an adventure!

(Above) Churches of Oia, Santorini / (Below) Watching the sunset at sunset point, Oia, Santorini.


#2 Watch the Santorini Sunset from Sunset Point.

The hotel Roger and I stayed at was on the outskirts of Oia. This allowed us to see the most magical sunset right from our balcony. It was an unobscured view so you could see the sun right until it went down into the horizon and gave the illusion of dropping into the ocean. Despite the magical view we had without even leaving our hotel, we decided to go up to Sunset point in Oia. Obviously we were unaware that in peak season, you have to get to the point at least 2 hours earlier to get yourself a seat. So we watched the sun set with hundreds of other people, which wasn’t quiet as romantic as our quiet balcony, however I must say it was definitely worth going! The view you get from sunset point is unlike no other. Watching the sunset over the white houses and picturesque windmills was worth being surrounded by a noisy crowd of people. It is one of the most unique sunsets I have ever seen! So to reiterate, I highly recommend you see the sunset at least once from sunset point in Oia.


#3 Walk down from Oia to Amoudi Bay to have dinner.

This has to be on your Santorini bucket list! When you walk down the steps from Oia to get to Amoudi Bay, you really see the town in a different light. I just looked up in awe at the incredible cliff side town as it towered over me. The walk lets you gawk at all the expensive cliff side hotels with infinity + cave pools, but beware of the donkey droppings as you walk down, I would bring comfortable shoes and would advise NOT to ride the donkeys. Once you’re at the bay, you will be greeted with a very relaxed ambience and a selection of seafood restaurants to choose from. This is another unique spot to catch the sunset!

Alali Restaurant Santorini

(Above) Alali Restaurant, Santorini.

#4 Have a Romantic Dinner Overlooking the Caldera.

Santorini bucket list must! We ate dinner at Alali Restaurant Santorini. Roger and I were here for a special reason, as my friend was being surprised with a marriage proposal by her boyfriend that night. Roger and I were on photo duty to help the memories of the night last forever! This restaurant is also part of a hotel called Astarte Suites, however you do not need to be staying at the hotel to eat at Alali Restaurant. You can make a reservation with your loved one for a special occasion to surprise them with a wonderful dinner, and a spectacular view! The restaurant is very quiet because it is out of the way from the two main towns of Fira and Oia. It is perfect to escape the typical tourist dinner locations, and you will feel as if you’ve got the whole of Santorini to yourself!

#5 Eat like a local at Melitini.

Melitini’s food blew us out of the water! This had to be the most authentic food find in Santorini! You can see the food on my Santorini vlog on youtube. Make sure you book at least 2 days in advance in peak season to ensure a rooftop table!

#6 See a Movie at an Open Air Cinema, Santorini

I actually didn’t get time to do this, however next time I am in Santorini I will 100% be going to this cute little cinema! You can check it out here.

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