✨ Fine jewelry for sensitive skin ✨
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At Rapunzille we don’t do jewelry the same, we do it better.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are forging the path of the #RapunzilleRevolution. The #RapunzilleRevolution is saying farewell to fast fashion accessories that you’re bored with after a season and turn your skin green, and saying hello to high quality, sophisticated, edgy pieces that you will never want to replace.  
You know the old necklace you inherited from your Great Aunt Mabel that you’ve been ‘storing for a special occasion’ for years? Yes, it is incredible quality but let’s be real; you will not be wearing it out of the house for decades. We at Rapunzille have heard your calls for help and have answered all of your jewellery conundrums.
We have taken the good elements of Great Aunt Mabel’s jewelry and created the ultimate jewelry line; quality with style. Think the durability of old family jewelry, meets the chic, clean, and unconventional style of timeless, modern accessories.
Our pieces are made of 18k Gold vermeil or Gold Plating with a base of 925 sterling silver, which means that each piece is made entirely out of precious metals and because of our high-quality materials, our pieces are perfect for skin that often finds itself getting grumpy, mean, and red at the touch of other jewelry.
Rapunzille jewelry are high-quality pieces that will remain staples in your collection.